Popularly called and known as ‘Crazymindz SRI’, a Cameraman / Editor / Actor, who has been in the industry for over a decade. Apart from directing many corporate films and commercials for many IT companies and other industries, he has directed a music video in Kannada. He has been part of IT.Com events from the year 2000, with respect to shooting and post production of the films for these events.

Sri has edited more than 12 feature films in Kannada. To name a few, “Mussanje Maathu”, “Jugaari”, “Kalaakaar”, “Chirru”, “Krishnan Marriage Story”, “Jaraasandha”.

Sri has specialized in Aerial Photography and has done projects for Nandi infrastructure corridor enterprise Ltd and cloud seeding projects for Agni aviation.

He has also worked as associate cameraman in few Kannada films. Acting is also one of the passions and he has acted in several Kannada movies in character roles.